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PS-01 Hardwire Kit

PS-01 Hardwire Kit for Parking Mode

Elevate Your Dash Cam's Performance with MASIGO's Universal Hardwire Kit for Parking Mode!

Looking to maximize your dash cam's capabilities? Delve into a solution that is not only versatile but also forward-thinking. MASIGO's PS-01 Hardwire Kit is meticulously designed to ensure smooth parking mode operations, integrated with low voltage protection, and customizable timer settings. Additionally, its universal compatibility is highlighted by a female cigarette lighter socket design, accommodating various car charger connectors including Mini, Micro, and Type-C.

Why Choose MASIGO PS-01?

  • Universal Compatibility: Forget restrictive USB cables. Our hardwire kit features a car charger socket that fits all dash cams using car chargers.
  • Future-Proof Design: Keep this kit even if you upgrade your dashcam. Compatible with dashcams that use power ports of various types, including mini USB, micro USB, USB-C, or Type-C.
  • Battery Safe: Acts as a reliable power cord with built-in battery discharge prevention and low voltage protection. Your car's battery is safe with us.
  • Custom Timer Settings: Our parking mode cable lets you set your dash cam's active time, tailored to your needs.
  • Secure and Stable: Features a unique lock ring to secure your car charger, ensuring a constant power supply and no loose connections.
  • 12V & 24V Compatible: Works with both small cars and heavy-duty trucks.
  • Quality Guaranteed: Crafted for convenience and reliability, complete with all necessary installation components. Order now for hassle-free installation.
  1. Hardwire Kit PS-01 includes the Female Cigarette Lighter Socket
  2. User Manual

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